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What's AnimaKit?

AnimaKit is an entertaining robot tool-kit that includes computer with Linux OS, sensors and actuators. The core of AnimaKit is the control unit AnimaController. In an addition to the control unit AnimaController we offer supplementary “plug and play” modules. These modules enable the user to create various robot configurations for different purposes. You can now build a robot and it is only up to you, if it moves by walking or if it balances on its wheels.
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AnimaKit spider

With Animapod spider modules you can build robotic spider in a seconds. Every leg has three servos to simulate natural movements of spider.

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AnimaKit segway

With AnimaVision and AnimaDrive modules you can build balancing robot with camera. AnimaVision module has high definition 720p camera for computer vision and streaming video, ultrasonic distance sensor and RGB led. AnimaDrive unit is powered by two customised servos.

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What kind of tasks can you perform with AnimaKit?

The computer used by AnimaKit is the well-known platform RaspberryPI - the world’s most used computer programming platform. This solution opens the door to the world of imagination and unlimited possibilities. The robot is capable of recognizing signs with specific commands, classify objects, catch for ball or follow a line. The robot can connect to the Internet thanks to the Wi-Fi module and use various cloud services or Distributed Intelligence - which means it can speak or answer questions (finds the answers online).


  • Algorithms for control and stabilization
  • Optical and MEMS navigation
  • Artificial intelligence

You can program your robot with friends:

  • Robots can perform tasks
  • Robots can compete with each other
  • Robots can communicate over the Internet
  • You can control the robot from your smartphone

    „Walking/wheeled Linux robot tool-kit with computer vision, sensors, Wi-Fi, Internet, cloud-services, speech recognition and synthesis – fully opensource.“ 

How to start?

We prepared for you series of tutorials and manuals to get started with AnimaKit. Start here

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